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A highly contagious and unstable virus has emerged on the Ethereum mainnet, spreading fear and panic across the blockchain.

Scientists believe the 2020-nEthV virus crossed onto the network when unsanitised inputs were handled by a smart contract with insufficient unit testing.

Although little is known about the virus, it appears to jump from wallet to wallet inside ERC-721 token transfers.

The mortality rate is high, with many who are infected dying within 7 days.

If you believe you may be infected, cryptographers recommend that you switch off your computer, burn your private keys, and remain offline.

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About the game

The EtherVirus is actually an ERC-721 token project, made entirely for fun. The tokens have no value, and anyone who tries to sell you one is a liar and a scoundrel.

Anybody who holds an EtherVirus token is infected, and can infect other addresses by transferring the token to them. Tokens are transferred using the ERC-721 standard's transferFrom function, meaning it can be done from this site, or any wallet that can handle NFTs.

When you get an EtherVirus token, it splits into 3. There is also a 20% chance that the virus will mutate every time it's transferred.

Tokens can be transferred to any address that isn't already INFECTED, DEAD, or immune to that strain, and has an ETH balance > 0. The reason for the latter is so that they can't just be offloaded to unused addresses.

If you are infected, you have one week to transfer your three tokens to other people before you are DEAD. If you are dead, you can't interact with the contract anymore, ever.

If you do offload your tokens in time, you will be immune to the strain that you were infected with. You can't be infected again by this, or any earlier form of the virus. But someone may infect you again with a more mutated form.

Once everybody who has been infected is either HEALTHY again or DEAD, there will be no new infections and the contract will stop working. That will be the end of the game.

Go forth and multiply.

For the nerds:

GitHub Repo

Verified contract on Etherscan

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